Flies Only
Approximate number of fruit flies per order of "Flies Only - No Feeding Culture." D. Hydei are shown, but you have your choice of either d. Melanogaster (1/16 inch) or d. Hydei (1/8 inch).

Our flies may be ordered by themselves, with a feeding culture or with one of our various sizes of fruit fly kits. This product is the flies by themselves, what we call "Flies Only - No Feeding Culture." You should either have your own food for the flies or you should use the flies right away- they cannot survive long without food. Do not keep them in the shipping container.

The same number of flies as they are packed & sent to you.
Inside the shipping container is feeding media, excelsior wood fiber and the live flies.

Number of Hydei - Large
Flies Only
Choice of Hydei or Melanogaster (Hydei are shown)